Yungblud: “A Lot Of Rock And Roll Is Just Four Idiots In Leather Jackets Singing About F*ck All”

Yungblud has shared his thoughts on the current state of rock music.

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Speaking to Rock Sound on the set of his cover shoot, Dom opened up about the current state of rock music. He shared that rock music at the moment is too safe, but the generation of rock music fans right now are super intelligent and politically conscious. 

“Rock and roll right now can be so fucking safe. A lot of rock and roll is just four idiots in leather jackets singing about fuck all. It’s like 'oh baby I love you so much I’m gonna shit myself' ya know?” Dom shared.

He continued “I think right now, our generation are so intelligent. We aren’t just bratty kids rebelling against the system for rebelling against the system’s sake. We actually know what we want, and we actually give a fuck about the world. We know what we want, and the future we want to be a part of. And that’s sick. And that’s exactly what Yungblud is about.”

It's that political awareness that's shaping the music he releases- and it's connecting with fans “I put the first song out there not knowing- it was ‘King Charles’ and it was very political. And the reaction was crazy.”

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