YouTube Red is going away, and what’s replacing it will cost you more

If you subscribe to YouTube Red, YouTube’s ad-free music and video offering that currently costs $9.99 a month, you might soon find your wallet a little lighter.

siliconbeat logo tech news blogBecause starting next Tuesday, YouTube Red is going away. And what’s replacing it could end up costing you $2 more a month for the same services.

YouTube said in a blog post late Wednesday that on May 22, YouTube Red will be replaced by a new offering called YouTube Music Premium. Parts of YouTube Music will be the same as YouTube Red: For the same $9.99 a month you pay for YouTube Red, you will be able to listen to ad-free music, listen to music in the background if you want to use other apps on your mobile device, and download songs. The ads, however, will remain across the rest of YouTube.

So, where does ad-free video come in? That’s what the extra $2 a month is for.

YouTube also said it will soon launch what it is calling YouTube Premium. For $11.99 a month, that service will offer all the music-listening options of YouTube Music, but also include ad-free video playing across the YouTube site, and the ability to watch YouTube original shows such as “Cobra Kai,” the program that stars Ralph Macchio, and continues the storyline of the original “Karate Kid” movies.

YouTube didn’t set a date for when YouTube Premium would launch. But if you want to see what happens next down at the dojo with Daniel and the Cobra Kai, get ready to pony up two bucks more a month.


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