Your Chevrolet Camaro convertible will not lower its top in cold weather

Chevrolet says its new Camaro convertible will not allow the driver to lower the top in cold temperatures.

In temperatures below 38 degrees F (about 3 degrees Celsius), the computer system in Camaros will not allow you to lower the top.

The U.S. automaker says this is because the hydraulic fluid used to power the top could become too thick, and overwork the pump, potentially causing a failure of the system.

When you try to put the top down, a large warning comes up on the infotainment screen that reads “Temperature Too Low, Top Disabled.” There is a dismiss button, but it doesn’t allow you to override the warning.

The restriction could also be in place to protect the fabric top, as when the temperature drops the cloth can become stiffer and even shrink, so lowering or raising the top could cause it to rip at the seams or at any pressure points that it touches on the top frame, causing a tear.

It isn’t clear if the Camaro would also restrict the use of the top if it was already down in the first place; its being raised up at those temps is when a tear or a hydraulic problem would be more likely to occur.

By contrast, the Ford Mustang convertible will let you put the top down in any weather you like—no restrictions.


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