WOSE – Original

We the People, all earthlings are

  •  remote descendants of big bang (originated from a single event)
  •  made of carbon-based organic molecules (all are alike)
  •  living on a mote of dust (referred to as earth,) circling a humdrum star (referred to as Sun), in the remotest corner of an obscure galaxy (referred to as Milky Way), in the immensity of space (observable Universe has a diameter of 91 light-years. By the way how big is your nation?),
  •  occupying an instant in the expanse of ages (how long do we live? Universe is 13.799 billion years old!),
  •  attempting to explore and understand Universe and life, an infinitesimal branch of Cosmos from which we all spring

Hence, our gender, cast, creed, religion, nation and so on do not matter! Let us be humane. Let us forget our differences, keep aside our prejudice and opinions, and understand Universe and life as they are.

Please continue to read on with preceding truth in mind!

Welcome to Website of Everything – Original, it may contain anything and everything under the Sun, as well as beyond!