Woman Jumps Through Window To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Her Mercedes

Car thieves have been known to target people at gas stations, but one woman refused to be a victim.

According to WSB, a woman stopped at a Texaco gas station in College Park, Georgia to fill up her Mercedes.

As you can see in the video, another car pulls up alongside her vehicle. A passenger then quickly exits and makes a dash for the Mercedes.

The women saw this happen, so she jumped through the open passenger side window of her car. The thief wasn’t expecting this, so he quickly retreated to the getaway vehicle and sped away.

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The station talked to the woman, who said she’s heard about these thefts in the past. As a result, she was paying attention and noticed something was off when the other car pulled up alongside her Mercedes.

She said “I didn’t have a chance to think,” other than “he’s not about to take my stuff.” The woman added it was “mind-blowing” that a person would attempt to steal her car while she was right next to it.

The woman’s face reportedly “got scraped” from jumping into the car, but she’s happy her quick thinking prevented the theft. Following the incident, she called police and they’re still searching for a suspect.

While these thefts happen pretty fast, there are a few things you can do to prevent becoming a victim. One of the most important is shutting off the engine and locking your doors while refueling. Drivers should also pay attention to their surrounding and never confront thieves, because your life is ultimately worth more than your car.



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