Who can it be now?: Report on new Edmonton police chief goes behind closed doors

The appointment of a new chief of police in Edmonton will move one step closer with council set to hear a private report from the Edmonton Police Commission Tuesday morning.

But just who the city’s next top cop will be is still a mystery and could be for a little while yet.

Former chief Rod Knecht’s contract expired Oct. 31 and his request to stay on until June 2018 was shot down by the police commission in May.

A five-member subcommittee worked with external consultancy group Optimum Talent to find a new chief in a process that was expected to take anywhere from four to six months.

In the meantime, Deputy Chief Kevin Brezinski was tapped as interim police chief.

Knecht, who had served in the RCMP since age 19, became Edmonton’s top cop in 2011. Born in Red Deer, he served as both commanding officer of the RCMP’s Alberta K-Division and later as the force’s second-in-command in Ottawa.

The Edmonton report, which looks to ratify the appointment of the new chief, will go behind closed doors at 11:30 a.m.



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