Watch: Purelle – “Gotta Have It!”

You can never be too clean.

Germs are everywhere, and because you touch everything, you get them all over you. If you were to place yourself on a microscope slide and lie prone while a scientist observed you, that scientist would rush to the nearest receptacle and vomit out of sheer disgust. You are a living pile of microorganisms jockeying for position with your white blood cells. Sometimes your body’s defenses win. Sometimes the germs win.

That’s why you gotta have Purelle. With Purelle, the chances of immune system emerging victorious increase a thousandfold.

And … who knew sanitizing could be so sexy?

I mean, not just sexy but, like, literally and overtly sexual.

Hands caressing the dispenser and gently ejecting stream after stream of the sanitary gel. Forward, reverse, doesn’t matter. Hands coating themselves with clear goo until they glisten. Hands sensually contorting within the context of rhythm and mood. Hands writhing and intertwining in unflinching close-up.

Clean, glorious hands.

Ten-minute nastified slow-jam soundtrack by Purelle, aka Adrian Knight and David Lackner. Perfect for the hand sanitizer/finger fetish connoisseur. Gotta Have It! cassette available from Galtta.


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