WATCH: at R1,075 is this the world’s most expensive cup of coffee?

Coffee aficionados worldwide are willing to pay big bucks for the perfect cup of coffee, however, Californians are taking it to the next level.
A single cup of coffee just sold for $75 (R1,075) at Klatch Coffee in San Francisco.
The single-source organic coffee bean at the heart of this exclusive brew is known as Elida Geisha Natural, which garnered a record $803 (R11 500) per 500g atauction and cost nearly $1,200 (R17 200) per 500g after roasting, according to KGO in San Francisco.
Klatch purchased 4,5kgs of the beans, which is just 10% of the  45kgs that was auctioned off worldwide at the Best of Panama green coffee auction hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama in 2018.
"This coffee is not over roasted like what you get at other places. It’s roasted how coffee used to be roasted back in the day," said Bo Thiara, co-owner of Klatch’s San Fransisco.
Watch customers reactions to the coffee here:


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