Vodafone reveals ‘smart trackers’ for your kids, bag, car and even pets

VODAFONE has launched a range of GPS trackers to help you keep tabs on your bags, pets – and children too.

The trackers are available to buy right now, and could mean you never lose your belongings again.

Vodafone trackers
Vodafone has launched a range of trackers that connect to your smartphone

Former PM David Cameron once left his 8-year-old daughter Nancy in a pub.

The situation may potentially have been avoided had he been equipped with a Vodafone by V location tracker.

The gadgets are all small enough to be pocketable, and are location-trackable thanks to GPS technology.

You can then check up on their location using an app on your smartphone.

Vodafone trackers
You can track the whereabouts of an item (or pet) using a smartphone app

The V-Multi Tracker is the main offering from Vodafone’s new line up.

It’s a small pod-shaped object that you could put in your luggage.

That way you can keep an eye out it – and make sure it doesn’t end up on the wrong plane.

There’s also the option to set up safe zones: so if your luggage leaves your hotel, you’ll get a smartphone alert.

You could also keep this tracker in your child’s backpack, so you know where there are during the school day.

Next up is the V-Pet Tracker, which is described as the “ultimate companion for your four-legged friend”.

Vodafone trackers
One of the trackers is designed to be lightweight enough to fit comfortably on a pet’s collar

The tracker is designed to be light and compact, attaching to your cat or dog collar.

Real-time mapping means you’ll able to track them down immediately, which means they should never get lost again.

You can also set up safe zone alerts that will notify you if your cat keeps heading inside your neighbour’s house, for instance.

Finally there’s the V-Bag Tracker, which is a larger version of the V-Multi tracker.

Vodafone trackers
There’s also a larger luggage tracker with a four-day battery life

It’s designed for luggage primarily, with a flat body and plenty of battery life.

It’ll last three to four days per charge, which is roughly double that of the V-Multi Tracker.

All three trackers have V-SIM cards embedded, but you’ll need to fork out for data contracts.

And you’ll also need to pay an upfront fee to buy the tracker itself.

Vodafone trackers
The app can alert you when your tracker moves, or leaves a designated safe zone

Here’s how pricing stacks up:

  • V-Multi Tracker: £45 upfront plus £2 a month – buy now
  • V-Pet Tracker: £105 upfront plus £4 a month – buy now
  • V-Bag Tracker: £50 upfront plus £3 a month – buy now

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Are you tempted to buy any of these spy gadgets? What would you like to track first? Let us know in the comments!

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