Viewers will soon be able to change programme with just a stare thanks to new Netflix invention

NETFLIX has invented a way to change programme with just a stare.

The system, created by engineers in the company’s Californian HQ, would help those with disabilities — as well as those simply feeling too tired to move.


New technology means soon you won’t even have to move if you want to change what you are watching on Netflix[/caption]

It lets iPhone users’ eye movements control a pointer on the screen to select things by staring at them. Sticking out your tongue takes it back a step.

The tech, made by software team Eye Nav, could open Netflix to a new audience.

A spokesman for Eye Nav said: “The same technology that enables Face ID is great for accurately tracking eye position and facial expression.

“We care a lot about accessibility.”


eBay is among other popular apps testing out new technology for those who may be unable to handle their device[/caption]

Other popular apps are already trialling new systems for people unable to touch their phones or tablets.

eBay has announced Head Gaze after intern Muratcan Cicek, an intern with motor impairment, created the control.

He said: “It allows you to scroll and interact on your phone with only subtle head movements.

“Think of all the ways that this could be brought to life.

“Tired of having to scroll through a recipe on your phone screen with greasy fingers while cooking?

Both developers say they hope their systems will be built into apps in the future.


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