Vancouver to vote on push for free transit for minors

Vancouver city council will vote next week on a motion to push for free public transit for minors and sliding-scale fares for low-income people.

The motion, put forward by councillor Jean Swanson, asks the city to endorse the #AllOnBoard campaign, which advocates for affordable and accessible transit based on income in Metro Vancouver.

It also asks the city to write a letter to TransLink asking it to work with the provincial government to finalize and secure funding, and develop a plan that will provide free public transit for minors, and reduced price transit based on a sliding scale using the Market Basket Measure for all low-income people.

The city is also asked to write a separate letter to the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation asking them to require TransLink to adopt a policy to address the  lack of affordability, and cease ticketing all minors for fare evasion as the first step towards the full implementation of free transit for children and youth aged 0-18.


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