Tuned Nissan GT-R Brings Some Of Japan’s Car Culture To South Africa

The Nissan GT-R is among the cars with immense tuning potential. So, it’s quite common to see examples with wide body kits or insane power all around the world.+

This one is equipped with a Liberty Walk body kit shipped from Japan to South Africa, and fitted by local tuner Race! (exclamation mark included).

The visual package includes bolt-on fender flares at the front and rear, an adjustable splitter, large diffuser and ducktail spoiler mounted on the boot lid. Coming to complement the exterior work, alongside the special decals, is the Maglia-ECL rim set, from Forgiato, with a satin black look, shod in Toyo tires, which fills the wheel arches quite nicely.

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This GT-R rides lower than usual thanks to the upgraded suspension that brings KW coilovers and a four-axle hydraulic lift. The Japanese supercar has welcomed a few upgrades inside, too. Custom carbon fiber trim adorns the cabin, which also gets a couple of Recaro bucket seats at the front, and a roll cage.

The South African tuner didn’t mention any power upgrades, so the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine has likely remained untouched. But as we have come to know these past few years, it only needs some relatively minor upgrades for it to pose a threat to newer supercars.


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