Trump thinks he’s good for business | Sheneman cartoon

He also thinks he looks like Elvis.

Earlier this week automaker GM announced layoffs and plant closures in states that President Trump had promised would not suffer such indignities.

GM’s reasoning was much like other industrial concerns when they announce layoffs: It was shedding work force in order to remain nimble in a changing marketplace.

That last sentence contains a bunch of words Trump doesn’t know, so in response, the president — who possesses very high intelligence — vowed revenge.

His plan, which he spent zero time thinking through, was to throw a very public temper tantrum laced with veiled threats and then threaten to end subsidies for GM products, most notably its electric cars.

The only issue with that plan is that GM does not, in fact, receive any public subsidies. One assumes the president was referring to the tax credit car BUYERS not manufacturers receive when purchasing an electric vehicle. While I’m sure GM would prefer to leave the credit intact, the fact remains that the president’s solution to help workers who are losing their jobs is to make it more expensive for them to buy cars. 

President Trump reacted like this because he is very bad at business.

His entire career was propped up by money funneled to him through tax dodges executed by his father. He’s spent his entire adult life leading ventures into bankruptcy at great expense to people who are not him. The Trump Organization’s main business interest seems to be in the ownership and management of Scottish golf courses, yet somehow they had enough cash on hand to blow $400 million on pet projects.

I wonder where that money came from and if it was originally in rubles?

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