Transportation Safety Board investigates runaway freight cars at Calgary rail yard

Transportation Safety Board is looking into an incident where 80 unmanned freight cars rolled more than 200 metres at Calgary’s Alyth train yard.

Chris Krepski, spokesperson for the board, said 68 of the 80 cards had a full load when the train began rolling down the track at the Canadian Pacific Railway yard in the southeast.

Krepski said there was no derailment and no injuries were reported in relation to the incident, adding none of the freight cars were carrying hazardous materials.

He said there were “no conflicting moments” with other trains in the yard.

“(CP Railway) informed us of this so, we’re going to do follow up with the railway,” he said.

Krepski said the board is still gathering data on the incident which will determine if a “full on” investigation is launched.

“I wouldn’t say it’s common, but it happens from time to time,” Krepski said.

Two locomotives and three train cars derailed at the Alyth yard in 2016 and, in 2013, seven train cars carrying flammable liquids derailed in the same rail yard.

No loss of live was recorded in either derailment, but more than 180 metres of track was destroyed in the 2016 incident.

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