This $200,000 Mercedes Sprinter Is All About Creature Comforts

When people usually buy vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter, it’s for some type of utilitarian or commercial purpose, whether it’s transporting goods or shuttling people around from place to place.

However, the Sprinter is also a popular choice for those who feel like investing in a sort of mobile office on wheels, with this one here being reviewed by Doug DeMuro costing a whopping $200,000, and for good reason. As it turns out, it’s pretty fun to be in the back of one of these things.

Get ready to spend

A base-spec Sprinter costs a little under $35,000 if you opt for the Cargo Van, while the Passenger Van model starts at $43,000. Imagine adding nearly five times those sums in order to end up with something much like the van you see here.

Of course, you get plenty of extra goodies for you cash, such as the four separate screens in the back (including two TV screens), a PlayStation 4 console, massaging seats, a bench seat that reclines into a bed, ambient lighting, a configurable night sky headliner and a ridiculously powerful 65,000 BTU air conditioning system.

The reason why it’s so powerful is because it was designed to keep passenger cool in the most scorching conditions. By the way, 65,000 BTUs is also what you’d typically find in a 2,500 square foot home.

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As for how it drives, well, don’t expect to have any fun behind the wheel – it is a van, after all. The whole point of this Sprinter is for you to have fun as a rear-seat passenger.



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