These Samsung Galaxy S9 deals start from £23 a month – and cost LESS than the phone itself

WANT a new blower for Christmas? We’ve got some seriously tempting Samsung Galaxy S9 deals you can’t afford to miss.

It’s possible to get the 2018 iPhone rival on contract for less than you’d pay for the phone outright – which is seriously impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is undoubtedly one of the most attractive phones of the year
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It’s all thanks to, an online UK retailer that has a reputation for offering tempting deals on smartphones.

It’s announced three new “pre-Black Friday” deals that you can get right now, or at least “while stocks last”.

For reference, the Samsung Galaxy S9 only came out in March this year, and costs £749 off-contract.

The cheapest deal costs £23 per month and has a relatively low upfront fee of £110.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on Vodafone (4GB data) for £23 a month (£110 upfront) – buy now
You can get great deals on the Samsung Galaxy S9 that get you data for less that the price of the phone on its own
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That gets you 4GB of data plus unlimited minutes and texts.

Importantly, it will only cost you £662 over the contract’s 24-month run – far cheaper than buying the phone on its own.

Don’t forget that buying a phone outright also means you have to fork out for a SIM deal, so the actual saving here is far higher.

The retailer is also offering a cracking EE deal that we actually prefer.

You’ll pay a higher £33-per-month bill, but there’s no upfront cost.

Better still, you end up with an enormous 30GB monthly data allowance, which is very generous for EE.

The total cost of the contract is £792, which is only marginally higher than the cost of the handset outright.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE (30GB data) for £33 a month (£0 upfront) – buy now

EE currently offers 30GB SIM-only contracts, but they’ll cost you £25 a month – or £600 over two years.

So you’re technically only paying £8 a month extra for the phone, which is a real steal.

And it means the effective saving on this offer is an enormous £557.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on Vodafone (4GB data) for £23 a month (£110 upfront) – buy now
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE (30GB data) for £33 a month (£0 upfront) – buy now

Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 back in March 2018.

It’s regarded as one of this year’s best smartphones, and is a very strong alternative to Apple’s popular iPhone.

This model has a large 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a pin-sharp 1440p screen resolution.

It also uses Samsung’s famous Infinity Display design, which sees the screen curve around the edges of the handset.

Other perks include a powerful Samsung-built Exynos 9810 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a hefty 3,000mAh battery that’ll last all day.

Have you spotted any great tech deals recently? If so, let us know in the comments!

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