The Zedriv GT3 EV Looks Like An Adorable Mini Porsche 911 With A Hint Of Nissan Z

Zedriv presented the GT3 electric study at the Shanghai Auto Show causing many eyebrows to raise, and not just because of its eye-catching iridescent paint job.

There’s a strong Porsche vibe going on with the Zedriv GT3, starting from the overall shape of the two-door EV concept and finishing at the shape of the lighting units front and rear. Even the ‘Zedriv’ script sits between a pair of slim 911-style LED taillights.

Measuring 4,000mm (157.4 inches) long, 1,650mm (64.9 inches) wide and 1,280mm (50.3 inches) tall, the Zedriv GT3 is a pretty compact 911 clone, which we’ll admit is better than them trying to actually replicate the 911. Its overall design actually mixes the familiar 911 shape with a few elements from the Nissan 370Z, making it look somewhat desirable, albeit not original.

Powering the tiny sports car concept is an electric powetrain that produces 131hp (133PS/98kW) and 129lb-ft (175Nm). It may not sound like much, but Zedriv claims that their GT3 tips the scales at just 1,150kg (2,535lbs), so it should be pretty punchy.

Zedriv claims a 0-62mph (100km/h) time of 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 99mph (160km/h). Juice is provided by a 33.9kWh battery pack that enables the Zedriv GT3 to travel up to 161 miles (260km) on a full charge under NEDC.

So far, the Zedriv GT3 remains a design study, yet it manages to wet our appetite for a tiny electric sports car in ways we didn’t expect.

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