The popular Nuggets’ rainbow skyline jerseys are back — and people just waited in an enormous line to get them

The line to buy the Nuggets’ new jerseys ended — forgive the bad pun — somewhere over the rainbow Friday morning.

The “City Edition” jerseys, which feature a white base with a pastel rainbow pattern outlining the Denver skyline against the Rocky Mountains went on sale Friday, and to say they were popular would be an understatement. The line of fans ready to make their purchase at the Pepsi Center stretched to the parking lot, as folks made a mad dash to pluck over the most popular sizes as soon as doors opened at 10 a.m. By 10:34 a.m., fewer than 10 jerseys remained, and all were sold out within the hour.

Altitude Authentics, the official team shop at the Pepsi Center, declined to disclose how many jerseys were initially in stock. On Twitter, the Nuggets said they were working with the NBA and Nike to get more jerseys in stock.

Also on display, but not for sale, were City Edition Nike shoes that appeared popular with fans on Twitter.

The Nuggets face off against the Brooklyn Nets Friday at 7 p.m. at The Pepsi Center.


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