The fire at Antwerp port triggers the communal emergency procedure

Antwerp’s communal emergency procedure was triggered on Sunday morning, because of the smoke generated by the fire at the port.
The fire started on Saturday and is still going. Antwerp authorities have said the smoke could cause breathing difficulties and irritation. 

The fire started in a 6,000-square-meter depot full of nickel sulphate on Saturday morning. Authorities have put emergency measures in place, meaning boats and buildings within a 1.8km radius have been evacuated.  

Water and road traffic near the port has been restricted. 

Residents in Ekeren, Stabroek and Kapellen could be affected by the smoke. They have been advised to keep their windows closed. Motorists travelling through the region have been advised to turn their ventilation system off. 

The fire is not yet under control. 

Jason Bennett
The Brussels Times


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