The business of turning back time

How top plastic surgeon Florencio Lucero operates a bourgeoning enterprise at age 72

CPE Chief Medical Director Dr. Florencio Lucero

Nothing can stop the aging process unless we’re in a movie titled “Adaline” wherein the titular character stops getting old for some cosmic reason concocted by the clearly imaginative screenwriter. Yet somehow, real people get to defy the odds and remain unusually healthy and strong for their advanced age.

Dr. Florencio Lucero can definitely make a case for it as he is still actively performing plastic surgery operations at age 72, or seven years more from the retirement age as obviously indicated by the government. He can joke about being younger than the incumbent President in Malacañang. But at least the former mayor of Davao City is not regularly doing the kind of operation that needs delicate coordination of various parts of the body, most especially the eyes and the hands.

“I’m still operating because I like it and I enjoy doing it. Why stop when you enjoy doing what you love?!” expressed Lucero, regarded as one of the major pillars of plastic surgery in the country.

His clientele is composed of professionals in the corporate world — an esteemed group of patients built through the years by word of mouth. He strictly follows the old adage among doctors when it comes to promoting one’s expertise, stating, “Real plastic surgeons do not advertise.”

One can rightly sense that Dr. Lucero has deservingly earned the reputation of being one who truly and expectedly delivers and knows his limitations. Apparently, his positive mindset and healthy way of living are pushing further the expectations beyond limitations.

“Environment and the food we eat play vital roles on our health,” he said, recalling that back in the 1950s or in his youth, people were eating healthier.

But there is one key detail that may have impacted Dr. Lucero’s iron man turn the most. It is simply revealed in his favorite line : “I am a sucker for supplements!”

He said: “Ever since I was in high school I have already been taking vitamins. If supplements help the inner self of a person, it will reflect on the outside even without undergoing any kind of surgery.”

In the past few years, for example, he’s been taking a supplement called Celergen that presumably helps rejuvenate the energy factor in his body cells.

“That’s a very good supplement introduced to me by a foreigner which I take one softgel a day, with its one-box package enough for a whole month. It gives me more energy to work for the whole day and, believe it or not, at 8 p.m. you have an energy of an 8 a.m.,” analogized the fun-loving doctor who still plays golf and travels abroad to attend conventions mostly related to his profession.

Dr. Lucero is the chief medical director of CPE, which is the main distributor of Celergen Swiss. The company is focusing on spreading healthy ageing supplements.

A study visualizes that by 2030, a whopping 20 percent of the people would be over the age of 60 and Asia should be a continent to largely house the older statesmen populace. Filipinos are likely to be among the countries to see this effect happening, for better or worse.

Dr. Florencio Lucero with wife Tinette, son JV and wife Gil, son Niño and daughter Jo-Anne

“As long as I am physically able, I will continue doing my job and help people the way I do which is make them look younger,” promised the beloved surgeon.

Dr. Lucero is a living proof of that glow himself, as evident on his facial appearance. His wife first noticed that and attributes it to supplement-taking.

Intangibly, wisdom has a lot to do with this famed doctor’s continuing journey in his chosen field. “People look at the wisdom of old people,” he reiterated.

Well, not all old people are showing it properly. It took decades of professionalism and never-ending learning for the “godfather of plastic surgery in the Philippines,” as he is regarded by industry people, to gain the kind of wisdom he naturally projects. For that alone, he has aged by not counting the years but making the years count.
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