The Best Of Bands Using The Gender-Switching Snapchat Filter

2019 is wild, guys.

There's a new craze, and it's sweeping the nation. 

Snapchat have released a filter which can change the presenting gender of a person in a single snap. And even band members are getting involved.

So we present to you – the best of the best:

John O'Callaghan? From The Maine? I think you mean Joanna O'Callaghan.


The Word Alive's Telle Smith has even given his female-self a back-story. 


Connie Carson, reporting for duty. 


ONE OK ROCK frontman Taka Moriuchi couldn't resist getting involved. 


��what’s up guys ��

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And Sammy from WSTR looks like the girl next door. 


Would ya though?

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Sammy also posed an important philosophical question…


And before you ask:


Also, Brendon Urie is an absolute smokeshow. 


And also shout out to Panic! At The Disco guitarist Mike Naran (Michelle Naran?). 


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