The Best Home Theater Projectors to Replace Your Big-Screen TV

Huge flat-screen TVs dominate living rooms, but for a truly cinematic experience, it’s time to consider a projector that beams over 100 glorious NFL inches. Here are three new projectors for your home that will transform your home theater setup.




While all the projectors below have built-in speakers, for a soundtrack that matches the oversize images, you’ll want to connect to a home theater receiver or soundbar. (Bluetoothing to a wireless speaker works in a pinch on some models, but the sound will never be up to snuff.) And before you plop down for movie night, plan on getting a proper screen—no, a white wall or bedsheet won’t work. Many factors, from room size to ambient light levels determine what screen to get, but the most basic difference is fixed or pulldown.

The former offers a more consistently flat surface but robs wall space. Unless you have a blacked-out home theater area, look for projector screens that are labeled ALR (ambient light rejecting).

With this in mind, here are the best new projectors to buy now, from high-end smart home projectors to budget-friendly 1080p HD projectors for apartments.


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