Terry Link wins 30th District Illinois Senate seat

Terry Link has won the 30th District seat in the Illinois Senate, defeating challenger Soojae Lee, according to returns as reported by the Associated Press.

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As Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate, Sen. Terry Link was charged with gathering votes in the chamber for the “grand bargain” budget negotiated in 2017 by Senate President John Cullerton and then-Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno to end two years of impasse. While campaigning for reelection, the Democrat told the Sun-Times he would “continue to prioritize causes to help the middle class through fair taxes, economic development, public education, and human services.”

Republican Lee did not respond to a Sun-Times invitation to complete a questionnaire outlining his platform and priorities.

The Sun-Times endorsed Link for the 30th District Illinois Senate seat. He’s been a state senator since 1997, and “experience matters,” the Editorial Board wrote in their endorsement.

For live election results, visit the Sun-Times election guide.


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