Terrell Owens calls for Jason Garrett to be fired after Cowboys’ loss

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be mulling a contract extension for Coach Jason Garrett, but one former player made it perfect clear that, if it were his call, he’d fire “that sapsucker.”

Terrell Owens tweeted his displeasure with Garrett after the Cowboys’ lost, 30-22, to the Los Angeles Rams in an NFC divisional playoff game Saturday. “Hey @realjerryjones! Bout time for a coaching change don’tcha think?! 2 playoff wins in 10 years!! Garrett isn’t the answer & NEVER will be! Way to compete guys!! #realtalk”

Owens played for the Cowboys when Garrett was the offensive coordinator in 2007 and 2008 and in May he told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that it was “mind-boggling” that Garrett continued to be the coach. “At the end of the day, how can you keep allowing the players to be the scapegoat for what’s not happening, especially when you have a head coach that’s supposed to be offensive-minded?” he said (via the Morning News). “They’re supposed to direct and lead the team to where it hasn’t gotten in a number of years, and they’ve pretty much been in a standstill under Coach Jason Garrett.”

Owens was cut in 2009, a move that he said “blindsided” him, and he acknowledged in a reply to one Twitter user that his feelings remain bruised. “Yeh, maybe a little,” he wrote. “That sapsucker got rid of me & had Jerry thinking I was the problem. So what has he really accomplished since I left?!! *jeopardy tune*”

Overall, Garrett is 79-62 as the Cowboys’ head coach, a position he has held since 2011, following an eight-game interim stint in 2010. In the postseason, though, his teams are 2-3. When the Cowboys dipped to 3-5 during the regular season, there was speculation about his future, but the NFL Network reported that Garrett and the team (read: Jones) are negotiating a long-term deal. Garrett is under contract through 2019.


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