Swastika image mass airdropped to students at Oak Park and River Forest H.S.

An image of a swastika was electronically sent to students attending an assembly at Oak Park and River Forest High School Friday morning — just days after someone scrawled racist graffiti on the walls at the west suburban school.

Someone sent the swastika image to students using the airdrop function on an iPhone while they were in the school’s auditorium, according to an email from Karin Sullivan, a spokeswoman at the high school.

Sullivan wrote that the image was sent by someone in the auditorium. A screenshot of the image was posted to social media and the sender was identified as “Rouse.”

“Administration and security are aware and are in full investigation mode,” Sullivan wrote.

The swastika sent Friday is the latest in a series of racially charged incidents at the school.

Last week, someone targeted a special education teacher at the school, Anthony Clark, an African-American man, in a racist message written on the school’s campus. The phrases “F— dancing n—– Anthony Clark” and “white power” were accompanied by two crudely drawn swastikas.

Three days ago, on Tuesday, more bigoted graffiti was discovered at the school. Along with another swastika, someone wrote “All n—— need to die,” “white power,” “Death to blacks and muslims” and “GAS the Jews.”

On Friday, Clark called on the community to come together this weekend to reject hatred.

“I am calling for all religious leaders, all community members, all allies, to come together in support of Black, Jewish, and Muslim communities this Sunday, to stand firm against hate,” he said.
The high school has been the subject of a national conversation about race following the release of a 10-part documentary about race relations and the racial achievement gap at the school.


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