Statewide pedrestian fatalaties up 84 percent this year

Pedestrian fatailities have skyrocketed in Hawaii with a whopping 84 percent increase from the same time last year, the state Department of Transportation announced Friday.

Twenty-five pedestrians have died as of Sept. 13 this year compared to four deaths last year in all four counties.

The number of people killed in all traffic-related incidents remains about the same with 79 deaths compared to 72 the same time last year.

“We ask people to remind their friends and family, especially younger drivers, about safe driving,” said Highways Division Deputy Director Ed Sniffen. “Pedestrians need to stay alert and shouldn’t assume cars will stop for them.”

Almost as many died in motorcycle, scooter, moped accidents as pedestrian accidents, with 22 this year compared to 20 last year.

Oahu had the sharpest rise in fatal accidents up to 45 this year from 31 last year.

Hawaii County was a close second as of Sept. 13, 2017, with a total of 29 fatalities, but has improved with 21 traffic deaths this year.


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