State rep chosen to fill out the rest of Sen. Kagan’s term following his resignation

State Rep. Jeff Bridges will move over to the Colorado Senate after a Democratic committee on Saturday filled the last of four vacant Senate seats.

Campaign handout

Colorado state Rep. Jeff Bridges.

Bridges will fill out the rest of Sen. Daniel Kagan’s term after his resignation takes effect Jan. 11. Kagan, of Cherry Hills Village, has said a controversy involving an investigation into his use of a private, women-only restroom did not factor into his decision to step down, citing other reasons.

At the Senate District 26 vacancy committee’s morning meeting, Bridges, who lives in Greenwood Village, received support from 70 percent of the 118 eligible members, according to the Colorado Independent.

Iman Jodeh, who runs an educational nonprofit, tied with Angela Engel, an education advocate and author, with about 14 percent each.

A Republican vacancy committee on Thursday appointed Republican Rep. Bob Rankin of Carbondale to fill the remaining two years of Sen. Randy Baumgardner’s term. Baumgardner plans to step down Jan. 21, and he faced the potential of another expulsion vote related to an accusation of sexual harassment after Democrats retook the chamber’s majority.

Earlier, Democratic committees appointed two other representatives to Senate seats to replace senators who were elected to county commission posts in November. Mike Foote of Lafayette succeeded Sen. Matt Jones, and Joann Ginal of Fort Collins replaced Sen. John Kefalas.

Foote didn’t seek re-election to his House seat last year, but the Senate appointments now require vacancy committees to fill the House seats of Bridges, Rankin and Ginal.

Democrats hold a 41-24 majority in the House and a 19-16 majority in the Senate.


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