State Champs Have Been Given The Sax Treatment

Another absolute banger from Saxl Rose.

In honour of the fifth anniversary of the release of State Champs' album 'The Finer Things', scene saxophonist Saxl Rose has posted a video honouring the album.

You'll already know Saxl Rose from his on-stage appearances with the likes of Paramore and his feature on Neck Deep's 'In Bloom', and now he's given State Champs the saxxy treatment.

The cover is of 'Nothing's Wrong'- Saxl Rose's favourite track off 'The Finer Things'. And it's pretty damn great.

Check out the saxophone cover of State Champs' 'Nothing's Wrong' below:

And while you're here, check out the video of Saxl Rose joining Neck Deep on stage for a rendition of 'In Bloom':


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