Shadow of the Tomb Raider free trial to let players loose on game’s opening levels

SHADOW of the Tomb Raider is the final game in Crystal Dynamics’ prequel/reboot trilogy, showing the final steps of Lara Croft’s journey to becoming the Tomb Raider we know and love.

The game met with mixed reviews on release, especially compared to the previous two entries in the series, and didn’t make much a dent on the sales charts.

The new trilogy had been praised for its darker and more mature handling of Lara’s character

In an attempt to gee up some more interest in the title, Square Enix has now released a free trial for the game across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The demo gives players free access to the opening levels of the game.

“Experience the beginning of Lara Croft’s defining adventure with the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Free Trial. Journey to Cozumel, Mexico in the midst of The Day of the Dead celebrations, where Lara and her trusted friend Jonah must race against Trinity to find a hidden tomb,” according to the release announcing the trial.

If you decide you like the trial enough to dive into the game proper, then all of your progress, including anything you’ve unlocked, will be carried over.

The fundamentals of the game are still the same – you hunt for a variety of MacGuffins to avert the apocalypse

hadow of the Tomb Raider received its first piece of DLC last month, with more to come as part of the £24.99 season pass.

The game itself was discounted by several retailers on Black Friday, and can still be picked up for much less than the original £45.

You can get it half price on Steam for just £22.49, at £22.50 via the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, or for £25.24 on the PlayStation Store.

All three pages also have links to install the free demo on the platform of your choice.

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