Senior numbers looking good

Mid Canterbury United looks set to up the number of senior men’s teams it has playing in Mainland Football competitions this season, but it’s a different story in the youth grades.

Only two youth grade teams look set to travel to Christchurch to compete under the Mid Canterbury United Football Club banner this season, Mid Canterbury Football’s Roger Dakers said.

Trials for travelling teams were held at Argyle Park on Sunday and while in the past Mid Canterbury United had managed to field teams in every grade from 12th grade through to 19th grade, this year numbers were down and it looked like there’d just be 13th and a 17th grade Mid Canterbury United teams.

But, while numbers were down in the youth grades, it was a different story in the senior ranks, Dakers said.

After a stellar 2018 where they dominated the men’s division two competition and earnt promotion to division one for 2019, Mid Canterbury United’s flagship team were already training hard for a big season ahead, and it was likely they wouldn’t be the only Mid Canterbury United team in the men’s divisions this season.

Dakers said a group of predominantly Fijian men who were living in Mid Canterbury were keen to enter a team, and they were eyeing up a crack at division six, playing as Mid Canterbury United.

Dakers said there was also a number of 18 and 19 year olds keen to play, and Mid Canterbury Football was determined to keep anyone who wanted to play, in the sport.

“There’s not enough for a 19th grade team but maybe if we combine them with a few older ones who don’t want the pressure of division one,” Dakers said.

That meant it was possible a third men’s team could play in the Mainland Football competitions this season, and it was also hoped a masters men’s team would also be re-established to play in one of Mainland’s masters grades this season.

How many teams Mid Canterbury United would end up with this season though, came down to people putting their hands up and committing to the season, and with entries required to be with Mainland Football shortly, those commitments were required now.

The Mainland Football season will start on April 6, while the local Mid Canterbury Football competition will kick off in term two.

– By Erin Tasker



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