Samsung Galaxy A9 revealed with FOUR cameras on the back – here’s what they do

SAMSUNG has announced a brand new smartphone with four cameras on the back.

It’s called the Samsung Galaxy A9, and it’s a much cheaper alternative to flagship blowers like the Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone XS.

Samsung Galaxy A9
Samsung’s latest blower has four cameras on the rear

Samsung’s A-series devices are known as “mid-range”.

This means that you still get decent hardware on your mobile – without breaking the bank.

For instance, the Galaxy A9 has a whopping four cameras on the back of the phone to help you take super snaps.

There’s a 24-megapixel “primary” lens, which is great for low-light photographs.

Samsung Galaxy A9
The handset costs just £549, making it a decent buy

This is paired with a second 5-megapixel shooter that offers cool effects like depth-of-field, live blur – and “bokeh” style portrait shots.

The third lens is an 10-megapixel ultra-wide snapper that captures images with a 120-degree field of view.

A Samsung spokesperson told The Sun this is to match the same field of view of the human eye.

Finally there’s a fourth 8-megapixel snapper that uses a telephoto lens to offer 2x optical zoom – that means you can zoom in without losing any detail or clarity

“Building on our legacy in smartphone camera development, we’re introducing next-generation technology across our entire Galaxy portfolio to give more consumers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge innovation,” said Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh.

Samsung Galaxy A9
Samsung is promising “four times the fun” with its new mid-range blower

But it’s not all about the camera.

Samsung has fitted the new Galaxy A9 with a sizeable 3,800mAh battery that should keep the phone going all day.

It’s got a generous 128GB of storage on board, which is more than the 64GB base storage offered by Apple’s iPhone XS.

Samsung has loaded its AI-powered virtual assistant Bixby onto the phone, and provides processing heft with Qualcomm’s nippy eight-core Snapdragon 660 chipset.

The phone’s display looks gorgeous: a Super AMOLED panel spanning 6.3 inches, with a very dense 1080 x 2220 pixels.

Other perks include a fingerprint scanner, NFC tech for contactless payments, and an accelerometer for fitness tracking.

The handset goes on sale in November in the UK, starting at £549.

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