Russian Crafts An Amazingly Detailed 1961 Dodge D100 1:6 Scale Model

As the first model in the D Series that later spawned the Ram pickup, the 1961 Dodge D100 holds a special place in truck fans’ hearts.

Since it’s easily one of the most recognizable pickups ever made, a Russian handyman decided to dedicate long hours to craft a 1/6 scale model. Using 3D-printed parts, wood, foil, styrene and a lot of patience, Konstantin Bogdanov created a stunning piece of art, as this is definitely more than just a run-of-the-mill scale model.

The project took about a year to finalize, and Bogdanov documented the entire process in a video that really puts into perspective the amount of work and dedication that went into creating the rusty-looking 1961 Dodge D100 scale model.

Interestingly, the video is structured like a project diary, so it can be used as a tutorial by those who have the skills, creativity, and patience to pull off something like this. Be warned, though; the level of detail is incredible and building such a scale model can be daunting.

What really impressed us is the creativity needed to make some of the truck parts. For example, Boagdanov used a red bottle top to create the taillight covers and a CD to make the side mirror. The great thing about them is they look so authentic, as does the scale model in its entirety.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on Bogdanov for his next creations. The first is also exciting, as it will be a 1966 Ford Bronco that he’ll put up for sale in March 2019.


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