Rivian’s Next Model Will Be A Rally-Inspired Car With Lots Of Ground Clearance

Rivian made a splash at the Los Angeles Auto Show where it debuted the all-new R1T and R1S SUV. While the models aren’t slated to arrive until 2020, that hasn’t stopped the company from revealing plans for a third model.

Speaking with Auto Express, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said the company’s next model will have a smaller wheelbase than the R1T and R1S. He went on to describe the vehicle as Rivian’s interpretation of a rally car and one that will feature a “lot of ground clearance.”

That isn’t much to go on, but the executive told Autocar that it will be “bananas” in terms of performance. He also said it, like all Rivian models, will have a “combination of on- and off-road performance” as well as “a level of functionality that’s unique in its space.”

There’s no word on when the model will arrive, but Scaringe did reveal some new details about how it plans to sell vehicles. Sales will be relatively limited, but Rivian intends to offer its models in a number of markets including North America, Europe and China. There will also be right-hand drive models for Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Speaking of sales, Rivian intends to follow in Tesla’s footsteps by using direct sales. The company knows this isn’t possible everywhere so it will team up with partners to offer dealerships in markets – such as Michigan – that ban direct auto sales.

In a separate interview with Autoblog, Rivian revealed it will launch its own charging network at “places of adventure.” It won’t be nearly as large as Tesla’s Supercharger network, but Rivian’s chargers will likely be located at popular outdoor destinations such as National Parks. Of course, there’s no word on when the charging network will be launched or how many locations there will be.


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