Riderless Motorcycle Spooks Drivers In Singapore After Halloween

Even though these types of incidents are rare, it has been known to happen for a rider to fall of their bike in such a way that allows the latter to continue on its way until its momentum is eventually brought to a stop.

The footage was taken in Singapore at the end of last week, just after Halloween, which was apparently the reason why the people in the trailing car were a little spooked by what they had just witnessed. It’s a good thing Michael Myers wasn’t on that bike.

“We were on our way home entering the expressway when a rider-less motorbike came into our path. We were shocked and spooked initially, thinking it was post-Halloween, only to verify with the rider that he was flung off in an accident,” said one witness.

It’s also funny how some people who commented on the video still didn’t understand was was going on (they probably didn’t read the description), which in turn gives the clip a more lighthearted feel, even though somebody had to be thrown off the bike in order for the footage to “capture” people’s imagination. We really do hope the rider got off easy in terms of injuries.

As for when and where the actual impact took place, it would had to have occurred right before the bike came into the cammer’s path as it drifted towards the on-ramp, which is probably why traffic to the far right seemed stationary somewhere around the 3-second mark of the video.



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