Rider Doesn’t Wait For Crash To Be Over Before Flipping Off Driver At Fault

In situations such as these, most people would just hold on for dear life, hoping that they don’t strike something or suffer any injuries after falling off their motorcycle and hitting the tarmac.

Not this guy, though. This rider flipped off the driver who had just knocked him off his bike as soon as he hit the ground and began sliding down the freeway. We reckon that takes a lot of composure, especially as he also uttered some offensive, but fully justified, language.

Of course, he was perfectly justified to use whatever language he deemed fit at that point, seen as how getting knocked off a bike at speed is without a doubt a life or death situation. Not many people can keep calm when facing such odds.

Ultimately, the wet road probably helped in that he would slide easier than if it were dry, as did the fact that the rider kept his arms elevated while gesturing the driver – as far as we can tell, he wasn’t wearing a jacket, or any type of long-sleeve protection.

Now, should have he been riding in such poor weather? Well, bikers can get caught out by weather conditions, and he did mention in the video’s comments section that he was planning on getting off at the next exit and pulling over.

In the end, we’re just happy he’s OK. The driver of the pickup also paid for all damages, which of course is only natural he was the one who caused the crash in the first place.



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