Renters can now take a DNA test to find the perfect flatmate

Flat mates can make for a best friend or your worst nightmare.

In the beginning everyone is on his or her best behaviour, friendly and considerate. Then as time goes on little things soon start to get to you and before you know it, you’re ready to get out of there.

So, how do you know who will make a suitable flat mate?

Here's an option. A house-sharing website called SpareRoom is offering renters an unusual method to find that perfect match. They are using technology to do a DNA test to get the right match.

The tech is designed by a Swiss company to create DNA kits for potential tenants.

You have to take an online personality test along with that saliva swab. A detailed breakdown of their personality traits and whom they would match well with will be provided.

DNA influences 60% of our personality, according to science.

"We want to help our users have the happiest experiences of sharing they possibly can, so we're trailing DNA kits to see if we can bring a little science to bear on the process," Matt Hutchinson, Communications Director at SpareRoom, told the Daily Mail.

"There's no such thing as the perfect flat-share, but understanding a little more about yourself, and knowing how to pick your flatmates to match your personality, will help you find the perfect balance for you."


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