RCMP truck rammed following northern Alberta pursuit

Police arrested two people in northern Alberta earlier this month but not before the suspects rammed an RCMP police vehicle with a stolen vehicle, Mounties said Tuesday.

During one of their “hot spot” patrols on Nov. 1, Eastern Alberta Rural Crime Reduction Unit officers identified a truck believed to be associated with a wanted man.

After being identified, the driver sped off at a high speed through fields and back trails in the Frog Lake and Fishing Lake areas to avoid capture but was tracked by an RCMP helicopter.

Members of Eastern Alberta Rural Crime Reduction Unit along with officers from Elk Point RCMP and Cold Lake Police Dog Services arrested two men after a pursuit in northern Alberta near St. Paul on Nov. 1, 2018

Mounties then co-ordinated to guide the stolen truck from Bonnyville over a spike belt, forcing the driver to pull into the driveway of a residence. The driver then accelerated toward police members and rammed a police vehicle.

Both driver and passenger were arrested and another stolen vehicle from Elk Point was located.

The men are facing charges ranging from flight from police to possession of property obtained by crime to assault on a police officer with a weapon.


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