Province adds 28 paramedics, five ambulances in Edmonton for faster emergency care

There will be 28 new paramedics with the support of five additional ambulances serving in Edmonton to provide faster emergency care, the province announced Friday morning.

The addition of more than 100 paramedics and 17 ambulances across the province will strengthen care for Albertans, Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said at the Queen Mary Park Alberta Health Services EMS station.

A psychologist will be added to provide mental health support for EMS workers through an investment of $1 million.

Hoffman also announced the addition of 16 hospital emergency liaison officers, split between Edmonton and Calgary, to help improve the transfer of care from ambulance crews to the emergency department. These officers will be stationed at the four busiest hospitals in both cities and will allow first responders to return to the streets quicker.

The additional support is part of the provincial government’s five point EMS action plan and $524-million health budget, which saw a $29-million increase from 2017.

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