Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren rallies her supporters in Aurora

AURORA –Standing in a former airplane hangar, Elizabeth Warren looked out at a crowd of 1,500 supporters Tuesday night, told them her life story of childhood financial hardship and vowed to fight for America’s working class and middle class as president.

“I want a government that doesn’t work for giant multi-national corporations,” she said, the last words of her line drowned out by boisterous cheers.

Warren called it “corruption, pure and simple” that today’s federal government works for big banks, oil and gas companies and the wealthy while ignoring the working class.

“That corruption touches the lives of every single person in this room. Every person in Denver, every person in Colorado, every person on this Earth,” she said.

Before taking questions from the crowd, Warren called for a so-called wealth tax to fund universal child care, a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote, free access to national parks and stated her support for the Green New Deal.

“There is so much we can do if we just ask those at the very top to pay more,” she said.

Hundreds of people lined up around Stanley Marketplace 90 minutes before the event began. Some were proud Warren supporters before stepping inside, while others were hoping to hear more from the liberal senator before making their decision.

“I’ve never been excited about a primary candidate before but I am very, very excited about Elizabeth Warren,” said Lindsay Holmes of Denver. Holmes said she was eager to hear Warren talk about student loan debt and the struggles of young people such as herself to afford housing.

Sheryl Reeder also came from Denver to hear Warren speak for the first time. Reeder said Warren has some great ideas and tremendous energy, but she’s undecided on who to support in the 2020 presidential primary. Warren is in her top three, she said.

The Democratic senator from Massachusetts has attempted to stand out in a crowded 2020 field by releasing detailed policy proposals. Ahead of her Colorado trip, she released a public lands plan that included a moratorium on new oil drilling and free access to national parks. She began her remarks on Tuesday night by outlining the plan, saying there’s no better place than Colorado to discuss climate change and the environment.

The crowded Democratic field Warren is a part of includes one Coloradan, former Gov. John Hickenlooper, and may soon include a second if Sen. Michael Bennet joins the race. By rallying in Colorado, Warren is signaling her hope they’re out of the race before the 2020 primary here.

Earlier in the day, the senator spoke at a brewhouse in Denver, pitching supporters on her public lands plan and taking questions from the crowd. The senator has said she’s a beer lover.


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