Porsche Counts Down Its Top 5 Most Valuable Cars To Date

Porsche has returned to the internet’s favorite video format with a new Top 5, this time counting down its most valuable cars in its history.

The new season of Porsche’s Top 5 series begins with proper Stuttgart royalty as we are treated to not only some of the most expensive Porsche models, but arguably some of the best too.

Cars like the 1956 Porsche 550A Spyder, which was immortalized when James Dean lost his life during an accident with his personal “Little Bastard” example, or the breathtaking 911 GT1, which was built in just 20 examples for the road in order to homologate the race car.

Porsche has done a mighty job at creating sports cars with legendary status (and really strong residuals) but it also has given us some of the most successful race cars in the history of racing.

Cars like the 1983 Porsche 956, a Group C race car that most famously hold the Nurburgring lap record for 35 years, posting a 6:11 at the hands of Stefan Bellof during qualifying. Powered by a turbocharged flat-six engine, this monster of a race car produced over 600hp and was able to reach speeds of over 220mph down the Mulsanne straight at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Want to know which cars made the cut? Head to the video below and see for yourself.



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