Police seek possible victims in voyeurism investigation at UBC campus

University RCMP are investigating an incident of voyeurism in a public bathroom at the University of B.C. campus and are hoping any other possible victims will come forward.

On Jan. 3, an individual was using a public bathroom in the 6300-block of Agronomy Road around 10 p.m. when a cell phone was spotted coming over the top of the bathroom stall.

“The cell phone was described as having a distinctive case – black with a cubed and striped pattern,” according to a University RCMP release.

The victim then called Campus Security, who responded to the incident and then contacted RCMP.

Police were able to detain a man believed to be the suspect; he was arrested for obstruction and later released. While no charges have been approved yet, police are continuing the investigation.

University RCMP are now asking anyone who may have had someone try to photograph or film them inside a campus washroom, or who may have experienced a similar incident recently to contact police at 604-224-1322.



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