PODCAST: Nadia Nakai gets Naked with Big Little Secrets

One of the country’s leading female rappers, Nadia Nakai, has announced her release date for her much-anticipated debut album, Nadia Naked. 

The full-length album which was preceded by the Bragga EP will be released on June 28. The muso, who featured in Independent Media’s latest podcast, Big Little Secrets, shared everything from the journey of creating the album to her feelings about it, on the podcast below. 
Today, the 28-year-old rapper will drop the first single to her album called  ‘Imma Boss’, to remind the industry of just who she is. 

Taking the chance to also address the rumor mill that has consistently blamed for the album’s delayed release her label chief Cassper Nyovest, the Naa mean hitmaker dismissed the rumors stating that Nyovest as a boss, a mentor, and friend, was merely encouraging her to produce work that would showcase her in her evolved form. 

On the album, Nakai also admitted to having had to re-look at her approach of making music, and allowing her more vulnerable side to come out in the album, which is something she hopes that fans of her music will appreciate. 

Listen to the full podcast here:

Masego Panyane speaks to Nadia Nakai about the release of her debut album. Podcast produced by Studio Independent


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