Plug wars spark a power struggle in millions of homes as families fight over gadget-charging

MILLIONS of homes are involved in a power struggle — over who gets the plug sockets to charge their gadgets.

The average household has 12 portable electronic and electrical devices that require regular topping up.


Plug wars have sparked a power struggle in millions of households as people battle to charge their gadgets[/caption]

But the demand for making sure they are fully juiced has led to one in five homes — around five million — falling out.

One in ten people gets the hump when someone else unplugs a device to put their own on charge.

And one in 16 claims it has led to fights.

Adults were the biggest “plug-hogs”, followed by teens, dads and mums.

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Adults were branded the biggest ‘plug-hogs’ followed by teenagers, dads and mums[/caption]

Younger children were least likely to monopolise sockets.

Nearly a fifth of the 2,000 people polled by energy switching website Weflip felt their home does not have enough plug sockets.

Multi-plug adaptors are used by 40 per cent of people, while 17 per cent use a multi-USB adapter for charging devices on their laptop or PC.

One in ten regularly uses a portable station to charge several devices at the same time.


Multi-plug adaptors are used by 40 per cent of people, with 17 per cent having to use a multi-USB adaptor for a laptop or PC[/caption]

But the rows are not confined to the home, with two per cent claiming to have argued about powering a device in public, such as on a train or bus.

Weflip’s Sally Jaques said: “In recent years there’s been a phenomenal increase in the number of portable electronics we own and use, all of which need regular re-charging.

“So it’s no surprise that many households find themselves squabbling over electrical sockets and chargers.”


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