PlayStation 4 ‘could cost less than £200’ by the end of 2019

YOU will be able to get your hands on a brand-new PlayStation 4 for a standard price of less than £200 by the end of this year, according to a gaming industry analyst.

Prominent prognosticator Michael Pachter has declared that Sony will “probably” release a $250 (£194) PS4 this year as they look to keep sales up after a strong 2018, even as they ramp up for launch of the PlayStation 5.

Games such as Spider-Man have driven sales of the PlayStation 4 this year

Serial soothsayer Pachter also said that a $199 version of the Xbox One S was likely to be released this year, alongside a dockless mobile-only Nintendo Switch at the same price point.

“Sony can probably cut the price, Microsoft probably will cut the price,” he told GamingBolt. “You’ll probably get a $199 Xbox and a $249 PlayStation, and a $199 Switch that’s handheld only, and that’ll probably be enough to drive unit demand to keep it constant year-over-year.”

He credited success of the PEGI-16-rated Fortnite for driving console sales even as the current generation enters its final phase.

“You’ve got parents that are reaching down now and buying consoles for their nine year-old kids, and they weren’t doing that before,” he pronounced.

Pachter credited the Fortnite phenomenon with boosting console sales this generation

And despite the success of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, Pachter was quick to write off the possibility of a souped-up Switch coming from Nintendo this year.

“Not in 2019, zero chance,” he said, but didn’t write off the possibility of one coming “in a few years”.

The industry expert does not have a perfect record when it comes to price projections, however.

He insisted at the end of 2018 that the Xbox One X would be widely available in the US for $349 by the end of that year; it was not.

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