Pickup Truck Tries To Cross To The Opposite Lane, Ends Up Slamming Into Camry

We often stumble across videos showing drivers making stupid bad choices that result in an accident, and this is definitely one of them.

This clip was filmed in Ontario, Canada and captures the moment a large pickup truck slams into a Toyota Camry in an incident which could have been easily avoided.

The pickup truck comes into view as the cammer drives through an intersection and while you may have to squint, you’ll see the pickup driving across traffic as it exits what seems like a store’s parking lot in the opposite lane.

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As the pickup driver tries to merge into traffic, it slams into the rear three-quarter panel of a Camry that was (legally) attempting to turn left, spinning the Toyota sedan around in what was a rather effective, though unintentional and totally unnecessary, PIT maneuver.

Extensive damage is visible across the Camry and it will evidently require a new bumper, rear three-quarter panel, and taillight. Due to the angle at which the pickup truck comes to a halt, it’s impossible to see what damage its front-end suffered – chances are it came off much better than the Toyota. The good thing is that, due to the low speed in which the accident occured, there shouldn’t have been any serious injuries, which is what really matters.

It’s difficult to know why the pickup driver failed to see the Camry, but the accident wouldn’t have happened if its driver hadn’t violated traffic rules by crossing into the opposite lane.



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