PHOTOS: World’s longest shot ski, a giant bonfire and more mountain revelry at Breckenridge’s Ullr Fest

Partygoers took ski shots, skied down Main Street and burned their Christmas trees Thursday during the second day of the 56th annual Ullr Fest in Breckenridge.

The town holds the annual festival every year to honor Ullr, the God of Winter, in the hopes he’ll bring more snow. Breckenridge Ski Resort has already been “blessed” with more than 14 feet of powder this season.

The festival features an unofficial shot ski world challenge, where drinkers try to beat last year’s 1,266 shots with 1,266 people on 422 skis spanning 2,128.3 feet along Main Street. Ullr Fest also has a parade with floats and locals dressed for the festivities and a huge bonfire where residents can burn their Christmas trees.

On Friday, festival-goers can plunge into frozen waters for the Ullr Ice Plunge, and enjoy a comedy night. On Saturday, the event concludes with an ice skating party, Ullr bike race and film festival.

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