Pedestrian Tactics Reanimates “Trump Memes” with New Single

Trump Memes - Pedestrian Tactics: Cover art by Cryomera

Pedestrian Tactics has an uplifting new release dropping just in time for the midterm elections. This full-length single dubbed “Trump Memes” spontaneously evolved from a short Twitter clip that involved a montage of Donald Trump’s face set to a catchy dance music tune.

In the midst of working on other releases, Pedestrian Tactics churned what was originally just a shower thought into a bouncy, 118 bpm gem produced during an otherwise divisive election. The track kicks off with some classic house vibes and nostalgic 8-bit tones, that spin into a harsh analog-style breakdown and glitchy, experimental second verse. All the while keeping spirits high amidst various infamous Trump-related samples.

This single was created in collaboration with Seattle illustrator Cryomera, who designed its detailed dystopic cover art. Prints of the artwork will soon be available for purchase on Pedestrian Tactics’ website.

Be sure to check out more of Cryomera’s provocative pen-and-ink artwork, and more sensory stimulating tracks from Pedestrian Tactics.

Pedestrian Tactics – Trump Memes | DOWNLOAD



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‘Pedestrian Tactics Reanimates “Trump Memes” with New Single

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