Panic! At The Disco Invited Brain Tumour Survivor Backstage Last Night After Her Letter Went Viral

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Some heartwarming news to start your week off with!

At the end of last year Panic! At The Disco fan Alyssa Rose was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which required urgent surgery. Following a 20-hour surgery to remove the tumour, 13-year old Alyssa begged her father to let her attend the Panic! At The Disco concert in Quebec. 

Alyssa was approved for a Children's Wish- which is a charitable foundation that grants a special wish to children suffering life threatening illness- but there wasn't enough time to organise a meet and greet for Alyssa before January. Which is when Alyssa turned to social media to share her story.

In a hand-written letter shared by Alyssa's father she addressed frontman Brendon Urie, sharing “Hi Brendon, my name’s Alyssa Rose, I’m a 13 year old girl from Nova Scotia, Canada. On October 12, 2018 I was diagnosed with a large brain tumour on my brain stem. I was immediately sent to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Halifax on October 17 and I had a 20 hour brain surgery. Since I am such a big fan of your band, when I was recovering I begged my father to go to your concert in Laval, Quebec on January 12. He ended up buying three tickets for me, my best friend and my mom.

Today on November 30 I got approved for a Children’s wish. 100% my wish would be to meet you, but since the concert is in January, it is too soon. So I was hoping that on January 12th at your concert that I could meet you or go up on stage with you. I know it’s highly unlikely, but it would make this hard, sad journey one of the happiest times of my life.

Thank you so much.

Alyssa Rose”

Following the tweet from her father going viral and gaining the attention of Panic! At The Disco management, Alyssa was given backstage passes for the show in Quebec and was granted her wish to meet Brendon Urie. 

It's honestly all very touching stuff- check out the videos shared by her father below:

All the best to Alyssa with her continued recovery!

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