Out Of Control Car Clips Audi A7 And Smashes Into Cammer

Driving in wet, slippery conditions at night means you constantly need to be on high alert. However, we’re not so sure that the weather had much to do with what happened here.

Pay close attention at the 0:02-second mark and you’ll see sparks coming from the tiny Skoda’s rear. The fact that the driver lost control at precisely that moment cannot be a coincidence.

So what exactly happened? Unfortunately, there’s no description that would enlighten us. The only thing we know is that the crash took place last weekend on the Kiyevskoye freeway in Russia, near Krasnodar.

As you can see, the weather wasn’t exactly favorable in that region on that particular day, but again, we’re betting on something else being the culprit here: perhaps some type of tire issue or suspension failure, given the sparks, although these are guesstimates.

While impact with the dashcam vehicle looked unavoidable, the out of control supermini clipped a first-gen Audi A7 as well. Hopefully everybody involved in this incident managed to walk away with little to no injuries.



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