Once again Calgary is ground zero for flu, with five reported deaths

The Calgary area’s accounted for five of six deaths reported so far in this year’s flu season, say Alberta Health Services.

The city’s health zone has also been home to 1,241 known cases of influenza A, or 63 per cent of the 1,985 instances of illness in the province, says AHS.

By comparison, the Edmonton zone has seen no deaths and just 273 cases.

Of flu hospitalizations, Calgary has counted 293, or 69 per cent of the cases.

Just 72 patients have been hospitalized in the Edmonton area.

In the previous flu season, 92 people died from flu-involved illness with 32 of those in the Calgary area.

For the current season, the province has made available enough vaccine to immunize 35 per cent of Alberta’s population, 29 per cent of which was vaccinated last year.


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